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Simple Vegetable Recipe West Java Asthma

Sayur asem is a simple preparation that is rich in benefits for the body, to make it relatively easy with a recipe for sour vegetables typical of West Java.   These vegetables are the preparation of various vegetables that are rich in the benefits of your body from eggplant to long beans.

Sour vegetables taste sour and sometimes some people make them somewhat more spicy. These sour vegetables are almost all over Indonesia, but are popular from West Java. This food has been around for decades during the Colonization of the Netherlands.

Having a refreshing and delicious cool taste, these vegetables are perfect as a rice friend. Before knowing how to make it with a recipe for West Javan asem vegetables, first know the choice  of fresh vegetables with the quality of fresh vegetables, not only has a good taste but also its benefits will be more pronounced.

Learn how to choose fresh vegetables forAsem vegetables

Making asem vegetables with West Javanian asem  vegetable recipes  requires quality ingredients, one of which is vegetables are the main ingredients to make these vegetables because basically this dish is a combination of several vegetables.

Choosing the type of good quality greens is very important to do. Fresh quality vegetables are very good for your body. Rest, you don’t have to worry about choosing the wrong vegetables, here are some fresh quality vegetable features.

  1. The green color is bright.

When you want to buy ingredients into sour vegetables, be sure to choose vegetable ingredients that are brightly colored because it indicates that they are still fresh. On the other hand, when encountering vegetables that are slightly pale from the original color, don’t buy them because of a sign that vegetables are of poor quality.

  1. Choose those whose leaves they will not be.

When you choose leafy vegetables, be sure to pay attention to your freshness by looking at the leaves whether they are still tight or not. If the leaves have cooled slightly or are very easy to wrinkle, it shows that the leaves are no longer of good quality.

  1. Does not release odors.

One of the characteristics of good quality vegetables is that they don’t smell bad. On the other hand, if the other quality of quality is good, it usually emits an unpleasant odor. In addition, usually vegetables will also be determined mushy if the quality is already poor.

  1. Choose vegetables that are hollow.

Bladed vegetables don’t mean they are poor quality, but it does show that vegetables are pesticide-free. Pesticides are chemicals to eliminate pests, in humans the substances of these harmful pesticides can cause numerous disorders such as skin irritation to cancer.

West Java Asem vegetable recipe easy at home

Making food with  a typical West Java sour vegetable recipe is the right thing if you are in the mood to learn to cook and when you are saving the method of making this dish is very simple so it is appropriate to be the main menu for learning to cook.

This soup dish is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia, especially West Java. Well, to try to make this dish, there’s no need to worry because sometimes in kiosks or traditional markets it provides packets of vegetables for sour vegetables. For a good taste, here’s a recipe for typical sour vegetables from West Java.

Ingredients to be prepared:

  1. Siamese pumpkins have a fruit in the first slice dice.
  2. Long beans cut vaguely.
  3. Corn is a cut of two half.
  4. 4 lame pieces or adjusted to your needs.
  5. It leaves lazenjo to taste.
  6. 45 g pre-boiled peanuts until tender.
  7. Tamarine 1 puppet.
  8. Moderate water.
  9. Salt as well as sugar are only regulated.

The spices are screwed up for the first time:

  1. Five carnations from the monster.
  2. Two garlic cloves.
  3. Three pieces of chili
  4. One teaspoon of shrimp paste or half a slice of course.
  5. Three walnut seeds have already been toasted.

Production Mode:

The first step to doing this is to wash all its ingredients further hygienic. Then boil the water over low heat. Insert all ingredients such as galangal, Siamese pumpkin and others into a boiling water pot until all the ingredients are cooked. It’s simple and easy.

When you  use the West Java recipe for top sour vegetables in just 45 minutes, you can produce vegetables for 5 servings, eat this sour vegetable with rice or add the theme to give the Sundance food a taste.

Asem Beef Vegetable Recipe

Along with the development of the era, this typical dish with vegetables has a variety of variations, one of which uses beef. When making sour vegetables by adding beef, of course, the taste will be more varied, the savory taste of beef can increase your appetite.

How it’s pretty much the same west java recipe for sour vegetables, the only difference is added meat. In order to be confused , here is a recipe for delicious beef sour vegetables and easy lightning at home.


  1. Beef is 250 grams or adjusted to needs.
  2. A Siamese pumpkin fruit is first sliced into cubes.
  3. 3 Cut the long beans into strips.
  4. One corn is in half.
  5. 3 pieces of lame nejo or to taste.
  6. 2 lanejo leaves.
  7. 40g pre-boiled peanuts until tender.
  8. Tamarine 1 puppet.
  9. Moderate water.
  10. Salt as well as sugar to taste.

Good spices:

  1. 4 cloves of hair.
  2. 3 garlic cloves.
  3. 3 slices of chili or to taste.
  4. Half a piece of shrimp dough.
  5. 4 toasted walnut seeds.

Production Mode:

The first step is to wash all the ingredients first, especially beef. Bring the beef to the boil first until crisp, simmer for about 2 minutes, and then rinse. Next heat the water using a swing, using a low heat. Next put all the spices as well as other ingredients. Don’t forget the beef either, wait about 25 minutes.

Asem Greens Benefits for Health

A typical dish with these vegetables in addition to its good taste turns out to have a myriad of benefits. These benefits are very good for your body. The type of sour vegetables made using tamarine has various benefits such as coughing, conker types, vaginal discharge, and many more.

Apart from Javanese asthma, string beans in this food also have benefits for controlling blood sugar. So when you suffer from diabetes problems this vegetarian food is very suitable for maintaining normal blood sugar. There are many more benefits that you can get when taking this food.

The presence of lanejo in West Java food is beneficial for antioxidants, pushing away free radicals, and many other health benefits. In addition, corn has many advantages in sour vegetables thanks to its abundant vitamin content.

Not only that, there are actually many other benefits that you can get when eating these sour vegetables. All the ingredients of these foods have different health benefits, so when consuming them, in addition to being delicious, it’s also healthy.

Eating these foods regularly twice a week can provide you with a variety of health benefits. The vegetables in this food make their benefits even more abundant. To make this dish taste better, use West Java’s recipe for sour vegetables .

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