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Konnen pi fasil West Javanese Gejrot Tofu Recipe

If you follow changes made to the culinary world, you   must have curiosity about the typical Gejrot tofu recipe for West Java. Especially in Indonesia itself there are plenty of choices of specialties that can be enjoyed easily. Perhaps almost all regions have theirown traditional slaying, of course, very appetite.

The gastrovinomic world never dies because every day there are the latest discoveries that are commonly used as targets for food consumers. Don’t worry if you’re one of the people, gastrointestinal development in the country can help find out its development. There are many types of dishes that have their own characteristics.

See the recipe for western Javanese gejrot tofu that we will share later, before you have to know that making it turn out to be very easy.  Don’t be afraid to wait for the seller when you want to eat this snacks.

Usually joj tofu can be found easily when there are seller on the side of the road, of course there are various flavors. And of course if you want to feel the snacks this time, nisa is enjoyed at an easy price. But he’s not sure he can get in at any time, considering that the suburban vendor will be sold at will.

In order to make it easier for yourself in the process of enjoying this type of gastroenterology, from an early age, try to understand this explanation. We will help explain all the ingredient discussions and how to cook from the beginning to finish. Make sure to always follow this point in the conversation at the end to fully understand the content.

Origin of The West Javanese Gejrot Tofu Recipe

Looking back, it turns out that there is an origin in the emergence of gejrot tofu from the city of Cirebon. Thefirst culinary appearance is to have the basic ingredients of gembus tofu that have been cut into bits. Then it is watered using a slightly pungent soup and has a dark shell colorfrom  brown sugar.

If you visit the Cirebon area, West Java, it will be incomplete if you haven’t tried culinary today, namely tofu. This type of food is much sought after by tourists when visiting the city of Cirebon, but now it has become widespread. Even if it spreads to several large areas, it doesn’t mean it’s easy for someone to find out.

Because the recipe for typical joj in West Java differs when compared to merchants along the way. People are indigenous to have smarter in process dishes so that their own tastes appear.  When in Cirebon, nearly every corner of the city has gejro tofu seller at affordable prices.

When you consider that the area is famous for the city of Tofu, because most plants process the tofu in Cirebon. Not surprisingly there is a gastrointestinal tastit today, so it can be added to the list of favorite snacks.   Large numbers of factories tofu make the local community have the skills to make these dishes based.

The appearance of the name is regarded as from a seller’s habit of putting brown sugar water in a bottle. Then they serve their dishes by sprinkling a full-hike soup that has mashed over a bowl of tea.   The gejrot appearance was originally custom when grey poured out of a jrot-jrot sound bottle.

Complete ingredients of Java’s favorite

While at home, make sure you always take advantage of the time to learn all recipes for western javanese gejrot tofu. When you consider that you don’t need to go to the nearest seller yet if you want to eat, just do it independently. Of course, before you can make your own, you have to understand the basic ingredients.

The distinctive flavor of tofu gejrot itself has a sweet, spicy, and certainly flavored soap that is very suitable to be enjoyed in the afternoon. Can’t you wait to know how? Let’s follow the details.

The first thing needed is definitely the type of gembus or Sumedang tofu flavor, if possible to at least make 10 seeds. Not made of excess or too small, it’s best to use it moderately as they want when cooking. Then the next main ingredient is sweet soy sauce according to flavor approximately 1 tbps.

The recipe for western javanese gejrot tofu is incomplete if you haven’t used brown sugar, therefore slices it thin by 3 large tablespoons.   Then also prepare a small tamarind water, other additions can prepare one teaspoon’s sauce.  Also prepared by lots of ilk oil.

Prepare the fine season forward

Entering the next step in making gejrot tofu requires several spices to feel delicious when enjoyed. Among other things, starting from shallot, prepare at least a number of four gloves.   This is necessary to make flavors add maknyus and of course also add the onion to the amount of two seeds.

Because this type of  gastronomia has a spicy flavor, of course it’s necessary to use some cain pepper.   But depending on their needs, if you really don’t enjoy the spiciness of the dishes, it’s best not to be forced to give too much.   The recommended maximum level of spiciness is only to use six peppers.

To add to the save of the dish, the javanese recipe gejrot tofu requires a single prepared meal.   Salt usage isn’t necessary too much, maybe only 1 small spoon is enough. Considering that it is only used to make the flavor savory and not sweet, so it is appropriate for anyone to eat.

Surely most have enjoyed interesting dishes from Cirebon, because the price is quite affordable and can be found easily. But it’s certain that the flavor will be different from the recipe we provide. Because we were given a special recipe from the original village from the first type of gastroenterium.

   Easy manufacturing process

The first step in cooking, first collecting all the ingredients and tools used to speed up the artificial bread process.   Well, if you already have Sumedang tofu, of course you don’t need to cook it anymore. It’s different if the ordinary type that is still raw must be cooked first until crisp and cooked.

The key to the success of Rdisappointment tahu gejrot typical of West Java is certainly in the soups, if you can do it correctly, it is certainly very delicious.   Well, the first way is to heat it first, andthen all the water in the skin until it’s boiled.   Next drained sauce directly soy, tamarind water, as well as brown sugar.

While waiting to be cooked, leg all the items according to the recipe that was mixed with earlier crane. Make sure to add a small one so that the level of gurgency is striking, roughly stretch, not to be smooth.  Add three tablespoons of hot oil to make the texture a little wet and match it with tofu.

Mix all the tofu using earth plates to add to the traditional flavor of the food.   Stir until even distributed for spices feeling good to enjoy without any difference of flavor on each side.   Then the whole delicious water poured into the plate, finally this gastronomiz is ready to be served directly.

By understanding all the processes from start to finish, you can now create your own without any difficulties. Use each of these methods to make delicious levels when eating very maximum.   After paying attention to the recipe for western Javanese gejrot tofu, this time it’s time for you to prove it’s done at home.

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