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 Western  Javanese art stands  out  as a feature of the rhetoric

The existence of Western  Javanese  art has  long  been  a leader in  regional capacity since the time of the memorial.   Art in various regions  , passed by ancestors,  is still preserved in the philosophy.  The culture in the area has always been  an identity to  be  known to the  wider community.

Every region in Indonesia needs its  own  culture and customs to be highlighted as its identity.  All sections of society are also involved so that a variety of born artremains remain sustainable at all times.  In addition to doing so to preserve the local culture,   of course, it can be used as a tourist attraction  .

For visitors to this  region  , they are certainly no stranger to  a show with different special characteristics.   Until now,  people’s entertainment has been respectful of tradition so as not to disappear later.   Since the area is so large,  it is not surprising that this evolutionary development can be known to the people  .

Many people are interested in knowing more about Western Javanese art  because it is outstanding.   By knowing the culture of the area  ,  you need to have more respect for the existence of supported customs.  Therefore,  the following art list should be used as a reference to give you a cultural perspective  .

 Wayang Golek  Art’s tradition becomes community entertainment

In ancient times, there certainly was no advanced technology as it is now in the lives of people in Indonesia  .   In an effort to find entertainment,  it’s not surprising that various exhibitions always bring out regional  art.  The tools are as usable  and  used as possible to attract appeal to the public  .

Various arts media are also created and displayed on their own in every show held  .   A form of entertainment at the time often used puppet media  to tell stories.   Stories are also told based on legends told for generations by ancestors, depending on culture.

In addition to using stories and legends to show,  there appears to be often humor  . This Western  Javanese   art is often used to allow people to enjoy comedy.   Since the past,  there have been comedy shows so that they can invite laughs to every listener  .

Wayang  golek, which in reality becomes a distinctive art form  , is shaped like a small human figure  .   But of course, the form of the golek wayang is established according to its characteristics that will be more diverse during the show  .   It is also used to make it easier for the audience to get to know each character from  the puppet.

Every puppeteer is the one who controls the golek wayang, having to have its own characteristics related to carrying.   Until now,  some boxers have been highly popular if they can invite traction  during the show.   Because there is still this art form  so far, wayang golek will always be a favorite.

Sisingaan is often used as a show for some traditional events

Continuing the conversation about other West Javanese art,  it appears that each event has some performances according to its custom  .   In addition to targeting it as  an audit, it turns out that art has also been carried  out to preserve the culture in society.   By  following the  development of existing art,  it can certainly provide a unique feel while enjoying the show.

At this point, it will be thoroughly explained  to the sisingaan which is still popular all the time  .   Sisingaan can be found at  some events intended to make someone’s   celebration live.   The villagers, who have some celebrations  ,  will hold a memorial service as a time of life.

Typically, sisingaan is administeredn when a boy passes the period of circumcision or circumcision to celebrate immediately  .   Circumcision is once in a lifetime , many people want to hold special activities for their children  .  The traditional form of activity is usually done by  building a command car in the form of  a stretched lion.

During   the truckprocess of Western Javanese   art, children will be raised by fake lion bodies.  Later, children who are having a celebration will be taken around the area near where they live.   This was intended to let residents know that the child had performed circumcision.

Until now, the  tradition of sisingaan  has remained to commemorate one of the moments in the child’s life.    You can also participate in preserving the culture when you have a scheduled celebration.   As such, no matter how long the  form of tradition from the sides will not disappear from people’s lives   .

Angklung Music Art one of the regional musical instruments

Looking at the time on time,  the regional action model is definitely in different ways.  In previous conversations, you started to know  about wayang golek and sisingaan as examples.    But this time, musical art is  closely related in The West Javanese art culture.

Music has always been created so that in the lives of  local  people  can enjoy music  as a form of entertainment.  The instruments will be played simultaneously so that they can create beautiful sounds to enjoy  .  Many people think that a life without music feels as if there is a lack of beauty  colour.

When you know the art of music in Western Java, you’re definitely not a stranger to angklung.   Tools like this will always appear in   the public entertainment to become music.     The angklung  can usually be found in  the gamelan  to create a special sound as a musical ornament  .

Angklung is made of wood arranged in a way that can make noise when it is shaken  .   In  playing this Western Javanese art tool, it just needs a hand that is moving fast.   Generally speaking, angklung instrument players make up many people at once to create  different sounds.

Because angklung is a musical instrument, it means that the instrument has an audio format when playing properly.   You can learn angklung and bring modern instruments because they have  distinctive sounds.   In other words, angklung  has always been able to keep it as a song even in the modern era  .

Horse Lumping is a favorite and show culture

Discussion of the subject of entertainment of other  peoples, of course,  cannot be separated from the existence of a lumping horse   because of its popularity.   Basically, the horse lumping is a dance with a unique show style  .  From the past to the present,  this kind of entertainment has always been sought after and there is a need from the people.

The  Western Javanese art dance  called kuda  lumping consists of many elements immediately in the introduction ofiburan h.  Starting with dancers and musicians,  it has its own role to make the spectacle more interesting.  One of the nomenities of this traditional work is in the most dramatic scene performed  by the dancers.

At first,  the dancers will perform a special ceremony as an opening from the start of the song  ; when ready,  the dancer will begin his movement by riding a horse made with a special webbing  .  Within  minutes, the dancers are there and will perform dangerous scenes at the heart of the show.

Typically, the assistant starts giving the dancer a glass and lamp to eat when he owns  it.   Although the scene is very  dangerous, the dancers will not suffer the least injury during the incident.   In fact, logically speaking,  it must have the ability to cause harm to the dancer’s body when exposed to dominance  .

According to the traditional beliefs of the local  ,  the science of invulnerability  was learned by dancers and gained strength when available  .  However, the horses lumping  are still popular and can enjoy the people  .   In this way,  the traditions of Western Javanese art from their ancestors will never disappear  .

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