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These are the necessities of  creating  the latest NPWP for personal and self-employed

Before paying attention to taxes at the KPP ( tax services office ) , it  is necessary to create the latest NPWP . These conditions apply to the construction of private and private TNNs . On average , there are still many people who do not know the npwp construction mechanism and its needs.

In this way , the creation of NPWP will reject the online system of KPP employees or the Director General of Finance because the documents brought in are incomplete . As a result , you must meet your own and self-employed tax needs .

Of course, it’s energy and time. So , you should wait a few more days to get UNPWp from the Tax Services Office ( KKP ) . So it is a good idea to know in advance what requirements should be provided in the creation of an NPWP in the name of a person or business .

These are npwp creation requirements for KPP and online personal routes .

Taking care of the NPWP in this person ‘s name should take care of itself . Therefore , you should not represent someone who has paid attention to NPW on behalf of your person or business owner . To take care of TN , then here are the requirements that must be completed first . One of their sentences is :

  1. NPWP on personal behalf
  2. Passport or KTP photocopy

The first requirement for the NPWP is a copy of the prudence card (for Indonesian citizens ) or a passport ( for foreign nationals ) in the form of a photocopy . Try to bring a photocopy of your empty card or passport more than one sheet .


  1. Bring work document

Secondly, you must bring a work document. You can get this letter from the company where you work . You cannot keep the NPWP without bringing a work document .


  1. Bringing orders for civilians

If you are working in the civilian staff area , you can only apply for NPWP by submitting a designated order as a civilian employee .


  1. Fill out the new NPWP application form

And this requires the creation of the latest personal  NPWP , which fills out a new NPWP registration form .


  1. NPWP on behalf of businessman
  2. KTP or KITAS Photocopy

First , you must attach a photocopy of your KTP (for Indonesian citizens ) or KITAS (for foreign nationals ). Make sure you bring more than 1 photocopy .


  1. Description of Efforts ( SKU )

Second , you also need to bring a business document ( SKO ) published by the village administration . So , you should first pay attention to the Business Document ( SKO ) in the local village .


  1. Create a statement letter

The third condition is to make a statement that the business that buys taxes is a business that you will start yourself and not in the name of others . The letter was then signed on October 60. And this is a condition for the creation of NPWP for businessmen that must be  known .


NPWP ‘s job for individuals and business owners

This identification number ( NPWP ) has an important duty for a person or business property . Because , in some public services , they are now included in the NPWP card to take care of the administration . There are several NPWP tasks that you should identify .


First , the presence of this NPWp is a separate recognition for a person or business owner who says that you are someone who obeys and obeys state laws . Because everyone is actually obliged to pay taxes as needed.


Second , if you are paying attention to the tax administration , you must have UNPWP first . If you don’t have ANPWP , then tax services cannot continue . To do this , you should first think about getting UNPWP .


Third , some public services , such as applying for credit in public and private banks , buying car vehicles , managing a business establishment permit , and protecting this passport should include UNPWP . Without NPWP , you cannot apply for services .


So having npwp is personally very important to you or who has a business field . Because some needs are needed to take into account public administration . Therefore , it is  necessary to build NPWP for individuals  and business people  .

How to apply for personal and personal NPWP through KPP

It is easy to ask for TN in the name of a person . You should pay direct attention to the nearest branch of the Tax Services Office ( KPP ) . If you take care of your personal NPWP in the KPP , the first step is to provide all the necessary documents and then come to the nearest KPP .


If the current residence is different from the original domicil , please write a local village document . And this  is a condition for someone who  lives differently .


Then , please fill out the new NPWP form provided by the Tax Officer . Then, the completed form file will be returned to the officer. And follow the tax order . Then , you will receive UNPWP published by the Director General of Finance .


And if you pay attention to hiring your own NPWP , then you can go to the nearest KPP . Here are a few stages to go through . First , complete the requirements for npwp construction for your appointment , such as a prudent card or kitas photocopy . In addition , create a business document ( SCO ) . And these  are the requirements you need to make npwp  from home .


Then , you should immediately go to the KPP office close to your domicile . Don’t forget , include a statement letter with 6,000 stamps that show that business belongs to you . After that , the handwriting . And finally , fill out the registration form to create an NPWP for your appointment .


Application steps for personal and personal NPWP online

Since the digital era , the creation of NPWP can now be considered through the website . So , you can easily take care of your NPWP without coming to KPP . Step 1, complete all requirements for online NPWP care .


These are the requirements for the creation of an online NPWP . First , provide support files for NPWP care through the official website . Create an e-mail account in your personal name .    For personal online NPWP , please scan your KTP / KITAS , then scan the work document ( personal worker ) or appointment order ( PNS )  . For those who take into care of online business NPWP , then scan the business document (SCO ) or business license (SIUP ).


If all requirements have been met , please have access to the of the website . Then , first create an account by registering a personal email . Then , verify the registration through the link sent to the email . Then , activate tax a rig by filling out an online NPWP account form .


If the account is already active, please register a new NPWP. Welcome to choose to create an NPWP in the name of a person , business and others . Then , you must fill out the form to transfer the new NPWP . Don’t forget , fill it with reliance or salary . This is to determine the extent of the tax you must pay .


If the E-form is filled out , then raise all requirements for creating an NPWP in your personal or work . These  are the requirements for individuals and businessmen to build an online NPWP that you must complete first  . If the conditions are incomplete , the application for online NPWP construction will be rejected by the system .


This NPWP ( number of traitors identification ) should actually be available to every citizen living in Indonesia . Because , to get public services , you must have UNPWP . To take care of this , you must complete the first conditions .


And it is necessary to create UNPWP , including your KTP photocopy work document / appointment decree or business certification ( SKO ) for those who apply for an npwp .

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