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Examples of simple payrolls for different employee needs

Ctoh simple payrolls can be easily found on various websites on the Internet.  You can even make your own if the office does not provide a salary certificate. Usually this letter is  something that every company provides. However, in some places, small-scale business is not available.

As an employee, you are entitled to a salary letter containing a total salary along with benefits and deductions. Usually, at the time of payroll, a letter of income data will be given. However, since more  salary payments  are now given by cashless transfers employees do not receive these details.

Transfer payroll makes it easier for companies to reduce risk. In addition, it can reduce the use of paper and envelopes that are often used on the payroll. Therefore , the existence of employee pay rolls is eliminated in printed form. When a certificate of income is required can make with an example a simple pay roll.

When you need a salary certificate for administrative purposes, you can ask the company where you work.  The existence of this letter with income details is very important in order to know the amount of  salary you receive as a result of hard work. In addition, it is also to meet various administrative needs.

For example,  when you want to take care of  loans, applying for loans for  motor vehicles, mortgage assistance or electronic goods. This time we will share interesting information about the importance of income details so that you can understand why it is necessary to have a payroll.  Let’s look at the following information.

What are employee payrolls?

The Internet provides a variety of information, one of which is a series of simplepayrolls.  With these numerous examples, it will be easy for business actors to make salary details for their employees.   Business owners should provide their employees with income details, whether they have a printed version or an email.

Business actors and employees  do not understand,  a salary certificate  is a salary certificate containing the amount of salary for  the results of work given to workers for their services.   The list lists the amount of salary earned  by the employee.  Also accompanied by the amount of deductions or additional money for compensation.

Employee benefits can be family benefits or various other benefits. There are also  transportation refund costs in the  income certificate, as well as food costs and other extras, such as work performance bonuses. All this can be stated in the employee salary certificate.

A simple payment slip also includes  a deduction of salary due to payment of company debt or other deductions. For example, discounts  on insurance payments, employee donations, loan installments,  cooperative money, and so on. Therefore  , it is necessary to include the payroll every time the salary payment is made in order to be transparent.

Reasons why employees should be given pay rolls

The existenceof pay rolls  is not only important for employees, but also for companies or business owners so that there is transparency between the two parties to avoid prejudice.   Because employees may feel that they are receiving too little  because the company is not paying properly.

In fact, the size of the deduction is the cause of the small salaries received. Therefore, it is very important to give salary ballots to avoid doubts that can cause a decrease in employee work ethic. If you are a business owner and do not yet have  a special system, you can see an example of a simple payroll as a reference.

By understanding what should be in an employee’s income letter, drawing up payroll slips will be easier and include all the important data.  This will make it clear to employees how much revenue is generated and additional benefits and deductions.

In large companies, salaries are mandatory to give. Today, more companies provide it in the form of e-mails to save on the use of paper. In addition, this is done to support the system of securing salaries given by the bank transfer system.

However, for small businesses, using a pay system for transfer is still a rarity. Business owners prefer to pay employees in cash with details written in an improvised way. An income letter is given only if the employee requests and is made looking at a simple sample payroll.

What are the advantages of payrolls for employees?

Many employees do not attach much importance to the existence of a letter detailing the payment of their salaries. For employees, the most important thing is that salaries are paid monthly at that time according to the employment contract. Whereaswage accounts  must be accompanied by payroll slips   as proof that the employee has fulfilled his obligations. The manfaat payroll is:

  1. Find out the details of the earned salary

In the salary detail letter  , there is a breakdown  of  the nominal salaries paid by the company,  the amount of benefits  provided by the company,  such as benefits for wife/husband and children, rice allowances and other benefits. There are also details about salary deductions, such as  insurance payment fees, credit payments, and so on.

  1. Applying for a loan to a financial institution

Applying for a loan to a bank or other credit institution requires payment of salary to ensure that the borrower has a permanent job so that he can pay installments as needed. As a condition of applying for credit, this employee income letter must be included so that the application is not rejected.

  1. Applying for a home loan

Owning a house is everyone’s dream. If you can’t afford cash, then the method of lending becomes an option. When applying for mortgage assistance, the employee must include a payment slip so that the mortgage provider can know the buyer’s ability to pay his obligations.

  1. Applying for a motor vehicle loan

Mitigating mobility at work can be done by a personal vehicle. In addition, it can also save transportation costs. The great need for vehicles forces many employees to apply for vehicle loans, and salary sheets must also be included in the applications.

  1. Application for scholarship

In addition to being an administrative requirement for  various loans, salary ballots are also required to apply for children’s scholarships. Usually, a parent income  letter  is required to submit/apply for a school scholarship.  A simplepayment slip can help you if the company you work for does not provide an employee income certificate.

How to make a simple payroll?

Seeing the importance of having payrolls, all employees working in companies or places of business should get them. However, not all employers can provide it. Therefore, sometimes employees or workers have to make their own when they need it.

Fortunately, such a letter is not too difficult today. Only by relying on a few examples taken from the Internet, then creating your own with the help of a word processing program can produce a letter that will meet your needs.

If you are a business owner who wants to provide employee income data, you can also try to make a receipt of this income in a simple way. No need to create a special application, you can take advantage of a word processor like Microsoft Word to create your own designs.

Select the option to send payrolls by e-mail to save on printing costs. In addition, email is also easy to share,  so you don’t have to bother to print one at a time and call each employee. This system will fully support the transfer-based payroll system.

The existence of pay rolls is indeed very important, not only for employees, but also for companies and business owners. If you do not get a payroll and need  it, you can try to make your own by looking at examples of simple payroll slips on the Internet.

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