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Get acquainted with the call center of the information center before you get a job and in its various ways

Knowing how many numbers of call  centers  are  an information center before getting a job is very important for those who have joined this government program. Where pre-employment itself  includes government programs specifically designed to make the community more competent and able to compete with others.

The hope is that there will be no more unemployment and poverty,  because in the end, all the citizens involved can open up their jobs.   In this way, it can be said that this program is very good , given that everyone  will receive  help for expenses at once.

So, to ask, what are those government programs for?   In fact, this card can be used by anyone, not  even just job seekers, the bad, employees and people who have been fired and fired because of  the  COVID-19  pandemic that can also join.

The main thing is that the future owner must be more than 18 years old and not be formally educated .  In addition, this program  also does not apply to police members, civil servants, soldiers and village leaders,  as well as their devices,  etc  .

Pre-employment call  center  number of the information center

Although it seems simple, it turns out that this program is not without obstacles.   Sometimes some countries complain about intensive funds , which have not been disbursed or processed. Such things often happen because of  a few things.   For example, because  the balance is indeed a work in progress.

Thus, those who  have passed  this choice of the program before getting a job will receive a card number for training and support other needs of the program. People who fall into this category need only  be  patient,  since the funds are still in progress, so there is no need to contact  the  information center before getting a job with the call center.

Although the second reason is that the funds have indeed collapsed.    This is usually    the case when potential registrants are deemed not to comply with the provisions regulated in the programme before employment. Because, as is known, there are certain limitations associated with this application.

However, if the  problem is  that the intensive  one  has not yet been processed, you can contact customer service via email to  speed up  the payout process as  it  should be. Then is there a phone number that can be accessed? Because, of course, it is more convenient for some people  to contact the interested party through the telephone line.

If you encounter issues with this app, one of which wants to  change accounts or has a few other questions, please contact the Information Center before getting a job at  the Call Center  at 021-255541246 directly.   However, pay attention to the opening hours –  as you are served only on Mondays to Fridays.

How to create a card account online before you get a job  

The  customer service of these registrants can be contacted during working hours from Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 19.00.    Interestingly  , the telephone connection is  free from call charges, which makes it  more efficient , since it is not subject to credit.   In this way, each registrant can contact directly.

It’s just that you may  have to be patient  , because, of course, there are a lot of people who also contact them.   Thus, it is very likely that  the  call center service of  this information center  before getting a job will be difficult to contact,  since there are many people who need help. Then how to register?  Check out the method below:

  1. To create an account, simply visit the official website directly through  So you just need to fill out the available registration  form with the username, email address and password,  and then select the registration menu.   After that, wait until there is a login confirmation and  the account is successfully created.
  2. Then log in with the account earlier to get directly to the dashboard.  Here, immediately double-check  your personal data and do not understand them incorrectly, as this  can lead to a malfunction.   In addition, you are usually asked to take a selfie using an ID card.
  3. At this time, the data collection must be valid and correct if you want  your request to be     Only then will you be asked to take  a series  of basic tests of competence and choose the wave you want . From here, wait for the results,  whether the exam will be passed or not,  or contact the  call center of the information center before recruitment for more information.

 Schedule of the pre-employment registration card  and how to participate in training

For prospective applicants who want to participate in this government program , they must first  know the registration schedule. Since this it will be useful later to check the wave.  For information about the  registration  schedule, you can directly ask for the customer service number directly before getting a job.

Because usually they will stand during working hours  , to answer any questions related to this application.   In addition to contacting customer service, you can also find out the schedule through  the latest news from media and social media.   Here you will find out  the updated opening and closing schedules.

In addition to the fact that, as a rule, in addition to the use  of the call center  service  provided by the information  center before employment through social networks,  the  schedule for the intensive disbursement of funds and payment of card information  has  also  been conveyed  quite recently.    So you do not need to be afraid to  miss the necessary information again.

In the meantime, if you want to participate in training, check the balance first.  If you successfully pass the selection, pay attention to some training.   After that, choose the training venue yourself and make the payment using the balance , so that you can take part in the training directly.

The payment process is quite simple, since it  can be done using the number of each registrant’s card before recruitment. The purchase limit  is usually valid for  1 month from the receipt of the notification.   If it is missed, the candidates  who have passed the  selection  will be directly withdrawn.

List of providers of pre-employment incentive disbursements

Interestingly,   at the moment there are many services that provide an intensive disbursement of funds to this program before getting a job.   In addition to searching for information directly through   the information center call center before you get a job ,  you can also choose one of the following providers  if you want to pay out funds directly:

  1. Go Pay is one of the digital  wallet services that provides intensive pre-employment payouts.   All obstacles related to the disbursement will be directly assisted by the relevant call center . So you don’t have to hesitate to   use this e-money service.
  2. Link Aja is also a provider of intensive  payout  services for this government program  .   If it turns out that customer service is difficult to contact, you can seek help through the call center directly from “Link Aja “.   Here you will quickly get help with the method of disbursement of funds.
  3. OVO also includes services that provide the disbursement of program funds before employment.  You can contact their customer service directly and find out how to pay out the funds quickly .   But of  course,  before you do this, make sure that you must first pass the program.

Looking at the above explanation, the conditions for participation in this program are not difficult.   It’s just that you should never register , if you do not meet the requirements to be free from legal entanglements.   For other things, you can contact the information center’s call center Before getting a job and answer questions related to this application.

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